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Suzhou 苏州

Suzhou is in the province of Jiangsu (江苏省). It is also known as East Venice 东方威尼斯.

1: KEDI convenient store | 2: with Suzhou special tour guide, Amy | 3: Many Bikes in front of Suzhou Commercial Bank.

~ Hanshan Temple 寒山寺 ~

The poem of “Mooring to the Maple Bridge at Night” by Zhang Ji of the Tang Dynasty and
the bell-tolling sounds have made the Hanshan Temple famous.

1:普明宝塔。| 塔院配有法堂,角楼,回廊,池塘等建筑。

2: Bell-tolling stone 听钟石 | 3: RMB5 for Bell-tolling (3 times for good). 敲钟三下,千万不要敲四下。

3: The Bell Tower.

~ Silk Factory 国营丝绸研究所 ~

Suzhou is famous with its production of silk as well. We visited the Silk factory to see how silk was produced,
silkworms, cocoon, silk clothes fashion show and finally silk product(
pure silk quilt).
Silk quilt is good to use in air-cond sleeping room. Different seasons in China uses different thicknesses of quilt.
We can use their summer season silk quilt(RMB400). Normally Malaysian will on the air-cond for whole night but they don’t
due to expensive electric bill. They will on the air-cond for a while and let the air-cond blow the silk quilt until cool and turn off.
The silk quilt can reserved the cool when they sleep underneath. 蚕丝被也可取暖保温。

Guanqian Street (观前街): Time for shopping. Their 8折=80% discount. If showing special tag price (特价), normally the price
is fixed
and not negotiable. If private shops (私人店),the price might be higher and it is required to negotiate the price for less.
We bought some Suzhou style famous candies at CaiZiZhai (采之斋).

Breakfast: 在江南吃豆浆油条 | Lunch.

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