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Shanghai 上海

- Jade Buddha Temple - During Bill Clinton's visit to Shanghai, he came here as well.
The temple is built between 1911 and 1918 in the style of the Song Dynasty.
(小毛), our tour guide, explained that GuanYin are all males. It evo from male to female faces for female Buddhists.

1: XiaoMao (小毛) guided us to the exit of Jade Buddha. | 2 & 3: Shanghai Old Street 上海老街.

Shanghai ChengHuangMiao Anxient Town (上海城隍庙).

1: Janet was negotiating the price of a watch with the sales girl who is fluent with Cantonese as well.

2: NanXiangManTou dimsum shop (南翔馒头店) is famous for its Shanghai Bao (上海小笼包).
There are various flavors of Shanghai Bao (each DimSum bucket will have 16 Shanghai Bao),
eg: Pork
猪肉(RMB8), Prawn 虾仁, Crab 蟹王(RMB40), etc.

- Stalls of Chinese craft -

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