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Gold Coast - Movie World

3 World Theme Park Tickets (Movie+Sea+Dream): AUD183 including transport pick ups.

Left: 1030 reached the Movie World. Right: After trying the Batman Adventure The Ride 2,
we went to the Movie Magic Special Effects show. There were superman visual effect, sound effect, etc.

Left: Met the Austin Power character. Right: Unfortunately the Scooby-Doo park was closed.

Grabbed a chance to take photo with Batman and Robin.

Left: Met Clyde and Bonnie. Right: Police Academy road show.

At the Hogwarts Express and the Station Store of Harry Potter.


Matrix Reloaded exhibition: More... and More.

The Lethal Weapon park.

Right: Looney Tunes Village.

Left: Bugs Bunny Cops. Right: Water playground for kids outside of Looney Tunes River Ride.

Right: Bugs Bunny carrot. Right: We had the Road Runner Roller Coaster.

All Star Parade started at 1430.

The Joker.

Right: Scooby-Doo.

Left: Robin and Bat woman. Right: Austin Power.


Left: Police Academy stunt show. Right: Clint Eastwood star sign.

Ginn's mum is a florist.

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