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Jiangnan Trip

~ Schedule ~
7 Days Shanghai/Suzhou/Nanjing/Wuxi/Hangzhou

15 Apr Kuala Lumpur > Shanghai Flight (BLD)
- MU540 0130/0630 - Flight delayed due to plane lack of oxygen.
- All passengers were sent to Salak Tinggi, Empress Hotel @ Sepang.
- MU540 1530/2030 arrived Shanghai Pudong International Airport.
- Dinner at Shanghai Thai Village Restaurant and hotel at
16 Apr Shanghai/Suzhou Coach (BLD)
Hanshan Temple, The Lion Forest Garden, Tiger Hill, Shopping at Guanqian Street.
17 Apr Suzhou/Nanjing Coach (BLD)
Silk Factory, Sunward Fishery Restaurant, Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, Mineral Stone Museum, The Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, Shopping at QinHuai Street.
18 Apr Nanjing/Wuxi Coach (BLD)
Nanjing Massacre, Tai Hu, Lingshan Buddha, The Three Kingdoms City, Parkson Shopping Complex.
19 Apr Wuxi/Nanxun/Hangzhou Coach (BLD)
Tai Lake Shining Pearl House, QingHeFang Cultural Street, NanXun-Water Village, Show 'Night of West Lake' at DongPo Theatre.
20 Apr Hangzhou/Shanghai Coach (BLD)
West Lake, YueFei Temple, MeiJiaWu Longjing Tea Plantation, Linyin Temple, Lunch at TianWaiTian Restaurant, Pudong New Area, Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower, Night View of The Bund.
21 Apr Shanghai > Kuala Lumpur Flight (BLD)
Temple of Jade Buddha, Shanghai Old Street, ChengHuangMiao, XiangYang Street Whole Sales Market.
Special dishes: Shanghai Bao, Hangzhou 'Dong Po Rou', Beggar Chicken, Vinegar Fish,

Suzhou Desert, Nanjing Salty Duck, Wuxi Ribs, Lingshan special.

~ Cost ~

Package RM2299(Included Flight ticket, Hotels&Food, KL Departure Tax, China Departure Tax, Airlines Fuel Charges, Tips, Visa fee) + Transport Fee to KLIA RM16.70 + Bell-Tolling RMB5 + Pure Silk Quilt RMB400 + Wahaha Drink RMB5 + Suzhou Candies RMB7 + Souvenir RMB49 + Hangzhou WestLake Night Show RMB200+ MeatBao RMB3 + Tea Sweets RMB20 + Pirated Polo Knight RMB50 + 2 Bottles of 550ml Mineral Water RMB3 + YueFei Cakeʤ RMB1 + Coffee Chewy Gum RMB1.5 + Nuts RMB7 + Three Kingdoms City Train RMB20 + Unknown RMB7 = RM2680

~ Ticket & Visa ~

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